Monthly Archives: July 2012

Coin Collecting

Bel Mar Coin Club is seeing some renewed interest from our Members, and our Meetings have been crowded since the Summer.

Are you looking for a local Coin Club?

Would you like to interact with new and seasoned Collectors?

Have you started your Coin Collection, but are not sure which coins you want to focus on for future collecting?

Bel Mar offers many years of Coin Collecting knowledge and experience from our members.

For parents of Elementary and Middle School age children, Coin Collecting is a great hobby, and a great way to spend quality time with your kids! Encourage your kids to become Coin Collectors and young Numismatists and these skills will serve them well in the future!

Join us on the 3rd Monday each month in Harford County and enjoy new and old business, show and tell, refreshments, and a lively coin Auction. (See the “Auction Sheets” Tab for this months list of coins)

For more information, see the About Page and contact our Club President; or just leave a comment and we will respond to you!

Happy Coin Collecting!