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Coin Collecting Booklet

I visited a website for Jim’s Coins in Madison, Wisconsin and found a great Coin Collecting Booklet.  Here is the link for the website:

Here is a direct link to the Booklet:

If you click on the picture or the download link you can save a copy as a .pdf file.

I did this and then saved it to a flash drive / thumb drive and then took the thumb drive to Office Depot and they printed a copy for me.

**Now – here is the trick – Office Depot printed 2 pages per 8″ x 11″ paper and printed on both sides. Then they cut the pages and bound them with a spiral edge and I have a small Coin Collecting Checklist Booklet!  Here is what it looks like:

Take this to Coin Shows and Coin Club meetings and to your Local Coin Shop – it is a great way to keep track of your Coin Collection as it grows!

**Update: I am editing the Coin Collecting Booklet and adding up to the current year for modern issue US Coins. I will leave a few blank spaces for future years, too, and maybe a little more room for Notes. It is a tedious process and will take some time, but once it is complete BelMar Coin Club will have a link for the Booklet on our website, and we will have copies available for sale (at our cost) during Club Meetings and during our Coin Shows.