Monthly Archives: December 2012

Whitman Show Kids Korner

Bel Mar Coin Club received a surprise package last meeting from Ms. Pattie Finner. Ms. Pattie travels the USA working the Kids Korner displays at the Whitman Shows. If you have never been to a Whitman Show at the Baltimore Convention Center, you owe it to yourself (and your kids!) to attend one soon. And be sure to go early in the morning and get the schedule of events for the Kids Korner for the day you attend. (you can see a photo on our Kids Korner Page of one of our Junior Members and a friend at one of the Kids Korner activities) Whitman knows how to treat Junior Coin Collectors and your kids will be excited about Coin Collecting once they have interacted with Ms. Pattie Finner and the other Whitman Show employees and helpers.

Here is how Bel Mar was treated this past month:
A Representative from the Maryland State Numismatic Association came to our Meeting and gave a special Presentation. Ms. Pattie Finner and Whitman Shows generously donated 6 US Presidential Dollar Coins in Proof 70 Slabs! We received 1 George Washington, 1 Thomas Jefferson, and 4 James Monroe Presidential Dollar Coins in their Mint Perfect condition!

Bel Mar Coin Club will be auctioning these Coins as part of our upcoming monthly Auctions, or part of the Coin Show in May. All proceeds of the Auctions will go to our Junior Coin Collector Program (YN Program). There will be another Post soon describing this Program. We are encouraging more Young People to join and get involved with our Club. Coin Collecting is a worthwhile Hobby, and the ideal time to start collecting is when you are young!

We hope to see you at our next Club Meeting, or at our Spring Coin Show in May. Check the other Tabs/Pages on this website for Auction Sheets or for more detailed information about the next Coin Show.