One of our Club Members recently purchased a Hobo Nickel from Wils Hobo Coins. If you click on the link it will take you to Wils Facebook Page and you will see some of his handiwork.

Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia:

The hobo nickel is a sculptural art form involving the creative modification of small-denomination coins, essentially resulting in miniature bas reliefs. The US nickel coin was favored because of its size, thickness and relative softness. However, the term hobo nickel is generic, as carvings have been made from many different denominations.

Due to its low cost and portability, this medium was particularly popular among hobos, hence the name.

There is a Non-Profit Hobo Nickel Society (OHNS) and they have a Guidebook listed on their website:  http://www.hobonickels.org/hobo_guidebook.html

If you do a little research on Google you will find lots of info on Hobo Nickels. And, if after doing some research you are intrigued, like our Club member was, you can find Hobo Nickels for Auction on eBay and on other sites.

Happy Collecting!